EICC Requests of Quanta
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EICC Requests of Quanta

VCN(Vendor Product Change Notice)
• Buyer: Victor Wu(吳立凡) EMAIL: Victor.Wu@quantatw.com EXT:#17912
• SQE: Summer Dong(董勇琪) EMAIL: Summer.Dong@quantacn.com EXT:#(382)43366
• MIS: Celine Hsu (許秋燕) EMAIL: Celine.Hsu@quantatw.com EXT:#19978

• MIS: Lynn Chang (張鈞甯) EMAIL: Lynn.Chang@quantatw.com EXT:#19862

SCAR(Supplier Corrective Action Request)
• MIS: Milly Huang(黃珈瑩) EMAIL: Milly.Huang@quantatw.com EXT:#19893

MYAS(Manufacturer Yield Alarm System)
• MIS: Celine Hsu (許秋燕) EMAIL: Celine.Hsu@quantatw.com EXT:#19978

Quanta Global SCME

Quanta PILOT is in pursuit of world class efficiency in Supply Chain Management Execution, improving the throughput and timelines of Manufacturing facilities, and establishing the business process and information system infrastructure to enable Quanta to grow rapidly over the next 5-7 years. The Quanta PILOT is including helping PMC, Procurement and Suppliers to enhance their daily operation in order to co-work tightly so that archive operational efficiency.